Helping to improve quality, stimulate innovation, increase productivity and prioritise prevention.

The Company

Cambridge Healthcare is a venture-funded, award-winning healthcare informatics start-up and winner of the Institute of Engineering and Technology 2011 Innovation Award for best IT Technology and HealthInvestor 2012 Award for IT innovator of the year.

Our vision is to improve outcomes for patients; create access to better, more integrated care and enable effective working of professionals across provider boundaries. We're building a health record, analytics and open API at, that sees both patients and clinicians working together and sharing information.

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Our Services


An award-winning patient-controlled health record that allows patients to securely manage their records, learn about their conditions and self-care, share access and interact with their care team.

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Designed to be responsive for both mobile and tablet devices, our award-winning clinical record gives clinicians a picture of each patient which is unprecedented in its depth of content.

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Our Enterprise Health Analytics platform provides population based reporting including real-time analysis of health transactions, as well as data collected from sensors, apps and handheld devices.

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Open APIs to facilitate the sharing of data between systems, professionals and patients, as well storing and retrieving data and deploying clinical care services cost-effectively and with scalability and reliability.

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